Sights & Sounds [1]

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sights and sounds

sights and sounds
This is a feature where I share some my current favorite things or obsessions including movies, TV, and music. Pretty much things that aren’t books.

TV Shows

The Carrie DiariesThe weird thing about this one is that I’ve never watched Sex and the City. I’m not even sure why I started watching this. All I know is that I’m hopelessly obsessed. I love it. I love the characters, I love the story, I love the music. Actually, I think about 50% of my love for this show is the music. I started making an 80’s playlist on Spotify because of this show.

I haven’t watched any movies in a while, so I’m behind on that. I have plenty on my watch list, though. Maybe soon! Right now, it’s just Carrie.


Recently, I went to a show with Ben and some friends of ours. We were there to see Caveman, but we were pleasantly surprised by the first band, Roadkill Ghost Choir. We ended up buying their CD, and I listened to it nonstop for like two weeks. This is my favorite song on the EP.

I’ve also been listening to Beach House’s Teen Dream this week, after mentioning them to a friend the other day. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite on that album. I love the whole thing, but I’ve been enjoying listening (and singing along in the car) to “Better Times,” in particular.

Any other Carrie Diaries fans out there? Don’t you just love the 80’s music? How about the music? Did you already know these bands or did I just turn you onto something new?

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4 Responses to “Sights & Sounds [1]”

  1. I have never really watched Sex and the City but I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Carrie Diaries. The fashion is spot on and YES, the music is awesome!

    • Laura Ashlee

      I know! Those are the best parts. It’s fantastic. I’m caught up now, so I won’t be quite as obsessed. I’m going to keep listening to my awesome 80s music, though.

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