The Sunday Post

A day in the life…
I am counting down the days until my mother and I are on our way to the beach. We’ve spent all week buying everything we’ll need or want. I spent over $100 dollars on summer clothes in Wet Seal, but I got a discount card for free and it last two years! I couldn’t be more excited about taking a vacation. The sad news is that my boyfriend left yesterday. He’ll be in California for three months! I’m planning to go see him sometime in July, but I’m really going to miss him. On a happier note, one of my college friends just got a job in Birmingham and is coming back here. It’ll be nice to have another friend nearby!

In case you missed it…
On Monday I posted my It’s Monday! What are you reading? post and my Manga Mondays review of Black Butler, Volume 9. It was the best volume I’ve read yet. Tuesday I posted my review of Taking a Shot by Jaci Burton. It was pretty good, but my least favorite in the Play by Play series. Wednesday I posted my review of It’s Not Summer Without You by Jenny Han. It’s the second in this wonderful series and was sometimes heartbreaking. Thursday I posted my review of Dark Eyes by William Richter. It was action packed and thrilling. but I’m not sure it belongs in the YA category. Friday I posted my answer to the TGIF question. Yesterday, I posted my review of Baby, I’m Yours by Stephanie Bond, which I really enjoyed. I can’t wait to read the rest of the books in the Southern Roads series.

Make sure you drop in…
This week I’ll be posting my reviews of Somebody to Love, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, We’ll Always Have Summer, and A Taste of Midnight. I’m also planning to start participating in Desperately Wanting Wednesday, hosted at Parajunkee’s View.

Getting through that TBR…
Last week I finally finished up Dark Eyes. It’s been a long time coming because I was only listening to about thirty minutes a day. I don’t think I’ll ever do that again. I read Somebody to Love by Kristan Higgins. It was awesome and I can’t wait to read more by her. I read A Taste of Midnight, a short by Lara Adrian, that makes me want to read the rest of the series soon. I hope to finish up Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, We’ll Always Have Summer, and Lola today. Then I can start on First Comes Love, Dead End Deal and City of Lost Souls.

Feeding my addiction…
I bought myself a few things this week: Epic Fail and Kiss Crush Collide from Harper’s Epic Deals. I also bought Starcrossed since the Kindle price was knocked down to $0.99. I received a copy of Dreamer from Ann Mayburn. I love the world building in this series so I’m very excited about that. I also got a copy of Turquoise on from JSK Communications on NetGalley. That one will be part of a blog tour so keep on the lookout. I got a copy of First Comes Love, which I am stoked about. I’ve been drooling over that cover for a while. This one came from Southern Book Bloggers Tours. I received a copy of Emracing You, Embracing Me that I requested from a Shelf Awareness ad. I went to the library and picked up The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and Escape. A friend loaned me One for the Money. That’s my book haul!

Check it out…
Tons of readalongs coming up next month: Married With Zombies, Outlander, Andrew Smith.

Harper has some epic deals going on. You can get select YA ebooks for just $2.99 through 6/2/2012. I already got mine!

Though I’m not going to BEA, I have been reading Pushy & Danny’s posts about it. If you’re going, you should check them out. They have some great advice. You can read them here

Lauren at 365 Days of Reading posted a great review of Gilt that has me ready to pick up my copy and get to reading!

Can I just say that I love Rachel’s Fifty Shade Read Along. It’s more entertaining than the actual book. It’s a like a soap opera or something. Every day when I get my email of her feed I have to take a little break from work to read them. Seriously, check it out.

Ginger at Greads featured the ladies behind one of my favorite blogs, Novel Sounds, for her feature The Blogger Behind the Book.

I was pumped that Maria of Book Chilla finally got into John Green when she read Paper Towns. Check out her review.

In the news…
Looking for Alaska is being banned from school reading lists. It’s ridiculous. John Green is one of the best teen authors out there. His books are incredible. I can’t even think of a reason this book should be banned. Read more here

BAM got complaints about their sexuality display. Not sure how I feel about this. It wouldn’t bother me if I were shopping, but I don’t have kids. My advice is not to take your kids near the sexuality aisle in the first place. Read more here
The issue was resolved when BAM changed the display. Here’s the article about that.

Apparently, Mother’s Day was kind to the Fifty Shades trilogy. Happy Mother’s Day! Here’s some literary porn! Here’s the article.

Also, I loved this article about indie cartoonists working for Cartoon Network. Adventure Time is awesome!

Indie bookstore supporting amazon buying: very interesting way to reel in customers. Here’s the link.

The house at Pooh Corner is for sale! It’s so adorable too! Check it out.

Harry Potter comes to Kobo! 

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  1. kimba88 said:

    Wow awesome week on the blog for you. It looks like you got some great .99 cent deals..i love when they have specials! Surprised about John Greene and will have to read the article. Have an awesome time at the beach! thanks for participating in The Sunday Post

  2. Ooh I hope you have tons of fun on your upcoming vacations! And thanks for the links about those read-alongs. I’ve been wanting to read Outlander for a while, so I might participate in that one.

    1. Laura said:

      I think I will too! I already have it on audio.

  3. OMG. am so backreading through my comments. sorry for the delayed reply (swamped with my tennis addiction lol)!

    i love this Sunday Post :) anything and everything in between!

    thank you for the linky! :) xoxo let’s go, Mommie Porn! lol

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