Quick Picks: My Middle Grade & YA Summer Reads

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything about the books I’ve been reading. I’ve read a good bit, so I’m going to catch the blog up on all my summer reading. I read a few middle grade and YA books, a nice stack of comics, and a couple of nonfiction books. I also read a lot of romance because those always feel like a brain break to me. I read nearly 30 books in all this summer. My husband’s obsession with Pokemon Go has been cutting into my reading time a bit. I’m trying to work it back into my schedule daily. Here are the middle grade and YA books I read this summer. I’ll post about the comics and nonfiction soon!

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Coming Soon: August 2016

August was a tough month for chooses releases, I have over twenty new releases on my list for this month, so choosing my top five wasn’t easy. I really tried to stick with the books I’m most interested in reading and possibly adding to the library.

EDIT: I ended up pulling one of the books from my list because it turns out the representation was racist. The publisher even pulled the publication, so…

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