What I’m Reading [3]

This week was really wonderful and really draining at the same time. Work was intense a couple of days this week and I agreed to go caroling with a community choir. Between really tiring (in a good way) work days and rehearsals and the caroling itself, there wasn’t a lot of time for reading. The one night I had on my own at home I was way too exhausted to read and ended up watching TV. Here’s to hoping this week will be less stressful and busy. I’d like to just come home every day and read for a bit.

New Books

stamped from the beginning

As soon as I started reading this I realized I was going to have to purchase my own copy. This is the kind of book I need to highlight and annotate. I’ve already started since I bought it.

What I Read

furiously happy

I finally finished¬†Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson. I haven’t been very into audiobooks lately because I’m just enjoying some new music so much that I would rather listen to that on my commute. I don’t think I’ll start new audiobook for a little while. I’ll just focus on reading.

What I’m Reading

stamped from the beginning the women in the walls

I started¬†Stamped from the Beginning¬†last week and wow. It’s pretty much blowing my mind. I’m annotating the hell out of it. I decided to start one of the books on my December TBR this week. I’ve been really busy this week after work so I haven’t gotten far. I’m hoping to spend this weekend doing plenty of reading.

What’s Next

march shadowshaper

Same plan as last week. Since I didn’t get much reading time this week, I didn’t get to the books I wanted. I’m waiting on Shadowshaper to get delivered to my library so I can pick that one up. I have¬†March so I might end up reading it this weekend.

On the Blog

I actually have a couple of plans for the blog this week! I’m planning to participate in Top Ten Tuesday and hopefully I can get my review up for Another Brooklyn. I’m still scared to write it because I’m not sure I can get my thoughts out in a coherent way, but I’m going to try.

About This Post

What I’m Reading is a mashup post I write to participate in three existing book blog memes. It’s just a little easier for me to write one wrap up each week than to split them into three different posts. I guess I’m being a bit lazy.¬†It‚Äôs Monday! What are You Reading? is hosted by Book Date¬†and is a blog meme about reviewing what you’ve read and what you plan to read. It also allows bloggers to visit each other and bond of our love of reading.¬†Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tyga‚Äôs Reviews¬†is a blog meme for sharing all the books you’ve added to your shelves, including book mail, new purchases, review copies, and library hauls.¬†Sunday Post is hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer¬†is a similar blog meme about showing off bookish goodies and posting updates about your blog.