About Me

Hi! I’m Laura. I’m a high school librarian. I’m a voracious reader. I’m a soprano and a music enthusiast. I’m a Ravenclaw. I’m a wife. I’m a cat mommy. I’m a coffee lover.

I read a good mix of young adult literature, adult romance, and comics. I also read the occasional nonfiction and biography.

Connect with me

Twitter: @thatlibrarian9

Email: lauraashlee@gmail.com

Goodreads: thatlibrarianlady

Instagram: @thatlibrarianlady

About the blog

This blog in completely devoted to my reading life, though I may throw in a library-related post here and there. You’ll see some recurring features, like my monthly reflections, my weekly reading check-in, and my monthly releases posts. These keep the blog content a little varied. The rest of the blog is devoted to reviewing and writing about the books I read.


Though I do write single book reviews (that’s mostly what the blog is before this year), most of my posts on books are quick reviews. Quick Picks are a collection of at least three book reviews of anything except comics or romance. Romance Roundups are quick thoughts on adult romances. Comics Catch-ups are quick thoughts on the serial comics I reading, though I do throw in some graphic novels on occasion. I don’t read a lot of series outside of comics and romance, but I usually like to read them all at once when I do. On those occasions I might write a Series Review. Longer reviews include a TL;DR section (too long; didn’t read) at the end of the review for those wanting to read some quick thoughts instead of my personal connections to the book.


I don’t use star ratings, but instead use word and phrase ratings due to the fact that star ratings mean vastly different things to different people. Here are the thoughts behind my ratings.
Must Read! – It was amazing and I’ll read it several times.
Highly Recommended – I loved it. It’s definitely a favorite, but I may not ever reread it.
Recommended – I liked it and I recommend it but it’s not a favorite.
If you like… – I felt pretty meh about it, but I think it would be good for a certain audience.
Don’t Bother – Not sure how or why I finished it, but I am not a fan.
Did Not Finish – I couldn’t finish it due to some of it’s content. I only review DNFs if there is a reason to write about it.

Heat Ratings

All romance reviews after June 2018 have heat ratings. These are meant to alert you to the sexual content in the novel. Here’s how I determine heat ratings.
five-flames – Extremely sexually explicit. These books are most likely erotic romance or erotica. Not for the faint of heart!
four-flames – Very sexually explicit. There are more sex scenes than most romances and they contain graphic sex.
three-flames – Moderately sexually explicit. These contain detailed sex scenes, but much is left to the imagination.
two-flames – No explicit sex. Kissing and touching is on the page, but sexual encounters are only implied.
one-flame – Kissing only. These are mostly just sweet and sex isn’t even implied.

Librarian Considerations

I include librarian considerations in many of my reviews because I read most books with my library in mind. I work in a high school library, so these considerations are for school libraries in particular.
Language: NA – there is no language. G – there is mean language, but no profanity. PG – there is very mild profanity (e.g. hell, piss, damn). PG-13 – there is a lot of profanity or more intense profanity (e.g. bitch, ass, shit). R – there is excessive profanity or very strong language (e.g. goddamn, f*ck).
Sex: NA – there is no romantic content. G – there is flirting and very mild romance. PG – there is kissing and romance. PG-13 – there is some sexual content or discussion, but most is implied. R – there is sexual content with frank description or the book is centered around sex.
Violence: NA -there is no violence. G – there is yelling, name calling, and verbal bullying. PG – there is mention of violence, but it doesn’t happen on the page. PG-13 – there is violence present on the page, but it’s not intense or gory. R – There is intense violence or gore on the page.
Drugs & Alcohol: NA – there is no drug use or alcohol mentioned. G – there is smoking and drinking mentioned about peripheral adult characters, but no drug use. PG – there are mentions of main characters smoking or drinking and mention of peripheral characters doing drugs, but nothing is on the page. PG-13 – there is one or two instances of main characters smoking, drinking, or doing drugs on the page. R – there are multiple instances of main characters smoking, drinking, or doing drugs on the page or it is the book’s main theme.
Purchase Recommendations:¬†Essential – this is a must buy for any high school library. Recommended – would make a good addition to for libraries in certain communities. Supplemental – libraries looking for certain types of books might want to buy this. Pass – it’s not quality enough for consideration or there is content that is not appropriate for a school library.

Navigating this blog

I’ve mapped out this blog to be very user friendly for anyone looking for reading recommendations and also based on my personal reading interests. Here’s the rundown of all the different ways you can find things. You can find links to everything I’m explaining in the navigation at the top of the page.

This is a sortable index of every book that I’ve reviewed on this blog. You can sort and search by title, author, series, or genre. So if you just want to see what YA I’ve reviewed, you can! If you want to look at only fantasy titles, you can!

These are categories that I use to sort my blog posts. They’re broken down into eigh major categories: book lists, bookish thoughts, books, challenges, librarian life, new releases, personal growth, reading life, and reviews. There’s a hierarchy, but basically if you want to read posts about books click the Books link. If you just want reviews, click the reviews link.

These are tags that I add to reviews of books that are of particular interest to me. For instance, I try to read a lot of diverse books and diverse authors so I have tags for that. Feel free to browse those. I enjoy keeping up with what award winners I read, as well.

Reading challenges are how I work towards my reading goals each year, so these pages are where I keep up with them.

This is a list I created in collaboration with Jennifer Powell to help librarians find diverse titles in a sortable live document that we update constantly.