About Me
Hi! I’m Laura. I’m a high school librarian. I’m a voracious reader. I’m a soprano and a music enthusiast. I’m a Ravenclaw. I’m a wife. I’m a cat mommy. I’m a coffee lover.

I read a good mix of young adult literature, adult romance, and comics. I also read the occasional nonfiction and biography.

Connect with me
Twitter: @thatlibrarian9

Email: lauraashlee@gmail.com

Goodreads: thatlibrarianlady

Instagram: @thatlibrarianlady

About the blog
This blog in completely devoted to my reading life, though I may throw in a library-related post here and there. You’ll see some recurring features, like my monthly reflections, my weekly reading check-in, and my monthly releases posts. These keep the blog content a little varied. The rest of the blog is devoted to reviewing and writing about the books I read.

Many of my posts on books are quick picks, which are round ups of what I’ve read in a month that I have little to write about. I occasionally write Romance Roundups, which collect some quick thoughts on the adult romances I read. I’m also weird about reading series together, so I will occasionally write Series Reviews, which collect an entire series into one post. I’m not a HUGE series reader, though, so these are rare.

Navigating this blog
I’ve mapped out this blog to be very user friendly for anyone looking for reading recommendations and also based on my personal reading interests. Here’s the rundown of all the different ways you can find things. You can find links to everything I’m explaining in the navigation at the top of the page.

This is a sortable index of every book that I’ve reviewed on this blog. You can sort and search by title, author, series, genre, and star rating. So if you just want to see what YA I’ve reviewed, you can! If you just want to see what books I’ve rated 5 stars, you can!

These are categories that I use to sort my blog posts. They’re broken down into eigh major categories: book lists, bookish thoughts, books, challenges, librarian life, new releases, personal growth, reading life, and reviews. There’s a hierarchy, but basically if you want to read posts about books click the Books link. If you just want reviews, click the reviews link.

These are tags that I add to reviews of books that are of particular interest to me. For instance, I try to read a lot of diverse books and diverse authors so I have tags for that. Feel free to browse those. I also enjoy keeping track of award winners that I read.

Reading challenges are how I work towards my reading goals each year, so these pages are where I keep up with them.

This is a list I created in collaboration with Jennifer Powell to help librarians find diverse titles in a sortable live document that we update constantly.