2017 Reading Challenges

It’s been a tough year in my reading life and I think it might be a good idea to participate in a few reading challenges. I do have some other challenge plans throughout next year. I want to participate casually in the YALSA Hub challenge. I’d like to spend my summer break catching up on some series I never finished. I also want to participate in Nonfiction November. The rest of the year I’d like to focus on four areas: reading diversely, new releases, backlist books on my shelves, and classics. I’d also like to limit my spending on books to books I have immediate plans to read (and I think that will help me with all the other challenges). I’m going to do my best to track it all here, even if I have to do some Quick Picks. Here are the challenges I’ll be working on.

Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge is all about broadening reading horizons by reading different genres and reading more diverse books. Read more about it at Book Riot.

I’ve done an awful job keeping up with new releases the past two years. I’ve let other parts of my job take over, but I really need to get back on top of what’s new in YA and other books of interest for my students, so I’m joining this challenge. I’m going to the New Release Newbie level, which is 1-30 new releases. I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself, but I’m shooting for 24 new release books. That’ll be good quarter of my reading if I manage to read 100 books next year. Learn more about the challenge at Books, Movies, Review! Oh My!

I’d like to get through some of the books I own but haven’t read. The rules for the Backlist Reader Challenge is that the books have to be published before 2016 and have to be on my TBR list. The contest doesn’t require that I have to own them, but I’m choosing to do that since I have so many unread books. I’m starting with a goal of 12 backlist books. We’ll see if I can go beyond that. That, at least, will put a dent in my TBR. Learn more about the challenge at The Bookwyrm’s Hoard.

I made my Classics Club Challenge list last year, but I’ve been doing a terrible job actually reading those. I’m going to try to focus a little more on reading some classics this year.

The idea behind this is to read the books you buy. I have a tendency to buy books as retail therapy when I have a huge shelf of books that are full of unread books. I’m not so much going to keep buying at the same rate. Instead I’m planning to use this idea to buy a little less this year. I’ll only buy books I have immediate plans to read. I’m shooting for the Mission Accomplished goal, which is between 81-100%. If I can read 81% of the books I purchase, I’ll be a happy girl. Learn more about the challenge at The Book Date.

Maybe these challenges will motivate me a little more and keep me on track with some of my reading goals for 2017.

Wish me luck!

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