A New Challenge!

So I’m starting a new challenge… in June. I’ve been thinking about paying more attention to the amount of new releases I’m reading. I do already have a spot on my reading spreadsheet where I log that information, but it hasn’t been a real goal. I thought it might be fun to join a new release challenge. The library and audio challenges have really encouraged me, so it’s time to encourage more new release reading. Being a librarian means staying on top of new releases, so I think this will be good professionally too. I also started a new annual presentation with my partner-in-crime, Jennifer, on the latest diverse books so I really have to be paying attention to the latest books.

So, I hereby declare that I am participating in the 2018 New Release Challenge! It’s hosted by Lexxie over at (un)Conventional Books if you want to check it out.

All my reading will be logged on this challenge page.

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