Monthly Reflections: January 2018

Book Things

Books Read: 10

I read 10 books, guys! Some of them were short, but my resolution to read at least one hour each night is really helping. There’s only been two nights all month that I haven’t read an hour. I made up for it some of the other nights and I read a total of 74 hours this month. I think I’ll up my monthly goal for this month.¬†

Reading Goals:
Audiobooks: 4/10
Library Books: 3/10
Diverse Books: 7/10
Diverse Author: 6/10

Reading Challenges:
Audiobook Challenge: 3/10
Library Love Challenge: 3/10
Read Harder Challenge: 3/10

Favorite Books

I just read so many awesome books this month! Some of these are seriously the best books I’ve read in a long time. It was an awesome first month. Let’s see if the rest of the month can be this good.

This Year So Far

Books Read:
Goodreads Challenge: 10/100 (10%)

Reading Goals:
Audiobooks: 40% (Goal: 20%)
Library Books: 30% (Goal: 25%)
Diverse Books: 70% (Goal: 50%)
Diverse Author: 60% (Goal: 40%)

Reading Challenges:
Audiobook Challenge: 30% (Goal: 20%)
Library Love Challenge: 30% (Goal: 25%)
Read Harder Challenge: 30% (Goal: 25%)

Looks like I’m doing pretty good on my reading goals! The library one could slip pretty easily if I let it, so I’ll have to keep an eye on that.

Blog Things

Looking Back


Other Posts:

Looking Ahead

I’ve got several library books I think really need to read, plus some DRCs that I need to get through. I won’t be able to read all of these, but this is where I’m starting this month. I might also throw in some comics since I really need to catch up on some of my comics series.

Other Things

Listening To

I’ve always loved Rhye and I’m so excited he’s writing new stuff. He’s going to be in Atlanta this month and I’m considering going. I love this song so much.

Brockhampton is new to me. Most of their music is more rap with hooks, but no chorus. I still like it though. I really love this song, though. I get it stuck in my head all the time.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Borns, but I’m loving this album. I’ve always liked them on a surface level, but this might be the album that turns me into a real fan.


Finally caught up on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Gotta love Captain Holt!

It goes without saying that most Netflix series are for mature audiences. This preview is a pretty good picture of what you’re getting from this series. It’s a short dark comedy. Ben and I watched the whole series in one night. It was good, just really dark and weird.

Until next time, happy reading!

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