Well, this is my last week before teachers and students come back for school. I’m working pretty hard to try and get some things done before everyone else gets back. There’s not that much time during those first two work days, so I need to get what I can done now. They are hiring a professional aide to work with me in the library, which is awesome. I’m helping a little with the selection of that person on top of all the work I’m trying to get done. It’s been pretty busy. The good news is this has been my best reading month, so far, this year. It usually is though January is always a pretty great one.

Book Things

Books Read: 16

I didn’t upload pictures of all the books because one is a romance I’ll never review and several were manga I won’t review. These were the more important ones and I already had images of them. I’ve been doing pretty good on my series reading, though things have slowed down a bit since #24in48.

Reading Goals:
Diverse authors: 7/16
International Authors: 6/16
Intersectional diversity: 0/16

Reading Challenges:
Classics Club: 0/16
New Release Challenge: 2/16
Read Harder Challenge: 1/16

Favorites Books

It was a pretty good month for great books. I read two romances I enjoyed, a YA duology I LOVED, a great first book to a series, a creepy-awesome thriller, and cute comic. Let’s hope I get this lucky with some of the other reading I do this year.

This Year So Far

Books Read:
Goodreads Challenge: 44/100 (44%)

Reading Goals:
Diverse authors: 36% (Goal: 33%)
International Authors: 25% (Goal: 25%)
Intersectional diversity: 23% (Goal: 10%)

Reading Challenges:
Classics Club: 0% (Goal: 12%)
New Release Challenge: 16% (Goal: 24%)
Read Harder Challenge: 20% (Goal: 24%)

I’m making a little more progress on my reading goals. I think if I build in a few more comics throughout the year, I might be able to hit 100 books. We’ll see. I also need to really keep up with audiobooks. I’ve been pretty flaky with audiobooks the past year. I’ve already been thinking about my challenge goals next year, and I think I might continue the New Release challenge, but I want it to make up about half of my reading. I think that will really keep me on the edge of what’s new and still give me the flexibility I need to read backlist and catch up on things.

Blog Things

Looking Back


Other Posts:

Looking Ahead

Still working on my Summer of Series this month, but I also need to get some new releases in. I’ll probably spend my Fall catching up on the earlier releases in the year and reading one or two Fall releases per month. I’d kind of like to get to a point where I’m reading one or two books two months before their release dates. That will free me up to read one or two as they come out and still have some room for one or two backlist titles, romances, and comics. When I’m in a good reading groove, I average about eight books a month, so I think it’s a decent formula that will help me work on those new releases.

Definitely more books than I can read, but this what I’ll be pulling from this month. I’m sure I’ll throw in a romance here and there, but I really want to finish/catch up on those series and read a few new books.

Other Things

Listening To

I am on the biggest Prince kick, particularly these three albums. I’ve been listening to a few more songs from different albums, but there’s something about these three that I just really love.


Ben and I got back into a really great groove of TV watching. We devoured Glow. It was so good! Go watch it! I’ve been making my way very slowly through Dawson’s Creek. I’m on season three and so ready for the Pacey & Joey pair up that happens at the end of this season. Ben and I started watching the second season of Sense8, thought we have taken a little break before finishing since we’ve been really busy and tired lately. Since we’ve been so wiped out, we started catching up on Bob’s Burgers. That’s been our mindless show while we’re eating dinner.

Until next time, happy reading!

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