ALL THE THINGS: March-April 2017

Wow, so I’ve been a horrible reader and librarian. I really haven’t read at all because my life has been in the suspended state of buying a house, filling out paperwork, packing, closing on a house, working on a house, moving into a house, trying to get my life in order. We’ve only been in our new house for three weeks. It feels like a year already because there’s just so much happening that I keep thinking it can’t possibly have only been three weeks ago that we moved in!

It’s May now, though, and I’m determined to get back into my routines. That means reading again, blogging again, cooking again, and working out at least a few days a week. I do think this house has opened up some new opportunities for my blog, though. I said this right after we closed, but I honestly might open this blog up to more than books. I’m still doing a little research before I make my decision about that, but it’s something I’m thinking about.

Book Things

Books Read: 6

Reading Goals:
Diverse authors 2/6
International Authors 1/6
Intersectional diversity 4/6

Reading Challenges:
Classics Club 0/6
Backlist Reading Challenge 0/6
New Release Challenge 1/6
Read Harder Challenge 1/6
Read the books you Buy Challenge 2/6

Favorites Books

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue doesn’t come out until June, but I just had to read it. It was SO GOOD! I think I’m going to reread before it comes out.

This Year So Far

Books Read:
Goodreads Challenge: 17/100 (17%)

Reading Goals:
Diverse authors – (41%) 33%
International Authors – (13%) 25%
Intersectional diversty – (44%) 10%

Reading Challenges:
Classics Club? – (0%)
Backlist Reading Challenge – (0%)
New Release Challenge –  (8.3%)
Read Harder Challenge – (25%)
Read the books you Buy Challenge? (20.8%)

Blog Things

Looking Back

Reviews – March

Reviews – April

Other Posts – March

Other Posts – April

Looking Ahead

I’m just kind of rolling with it right now. I’m trying not to stress too much about my TBR so I can just pick up what I’m interested in. Here’s what I’m currently reading, though.

Other Things

Listening to

I’ve returned to Tame Impala’s album, Currents, lately. It’s such a fun album. Ben and I finally got our hands on the vinyl a couple of months ago and have been listening to it a bit while we work on the house. We just took a trip to Atlanta to see his parents and we started listening to S-Town. Ben started it the other day and begged me to listen with him. I have to say, it’s a pretty interesting listen. I’ve been living so close to downtown Birmingham for long enough that I kind of forgot what small-town Alabama is like. Living in Birmingham can sometimes be like living in a bubble.


Ben and I finished The Office! It was so good and I can definitely see myself returning to episodes of that. I loved it. We started The Handmaid’s Tale, but we’ve only made it through one episode because it’s DARK and really hard to watch. I’m rewatching Glee (which I never finished) to lighten up my media consumption. I forgot how much I love that show. It’s funny and feel-good, for the most part.

Hopefully, I’ll get some time to write up a post about May book releases this week. Until then, happy reading!


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