ALL THE THINGS: November 2017

What a month! I did very little reading because I was crazy busy. I attended the national school library conference in Phoenix. I presented with a colleague at Alabama’s Learning Forward conference. I worked on some collaborative things with teachers. Ben and I started working on our spare bedroom. We also started going to the gym again. Plus, we visited family for Thanksgiving. It was pretty insane. I’m excited to have a mostly low-key December. We’ll continue work on the spare room and we’ll have family things to do, but work should be less hectic and I’ll get two whole weeks off. Hopefully, I can get some reading done!

Book Things

Books Read: 6

It’s been a bit of a romance month for me. Most of these were read in a week’s time because I spent a good portion of this month at conferences and working late. I always love to just relax and read romances during my days off because they’re my brain candy. There will probably be more in my December round up.

Reading Goals:
Diverse authors: 2/6
International Authors: 2/6
Intersectional diversity: 2/6

Reading Challenges:
Classics Club: 0/6
New Release Challenge: 4/6
Read Harder Challenge: 0/6

Favorite Books

I am loving Descender so much right now. It’s killing me on the cliff hangers with every issue. but I’m excited to read more.

This Year So Far

Books Read:
Goodreads Challenge: 72/100 (72%)

Reading Goals:
Diverse authors: 36% (Goal: 33%)
International Authors: 18% (Goal: 25%)
Intersectional diversity: 18% (Goal: 10%)

Reading Challenges:
Classics Club: 0% (Goal: 12%)
New Release Challenge: 24% (Goal: 24%)
Read Harder Challenge: 20% (Goal: 24%)

It’s pretty clear at this point that I won’t meet my reading goal for the year. We’ll see what I accomplish by December 31st and I’ll use that to create my goal for next year. I do think buying a new house made a difference since I barely read in the Spring. I’m pleased with my numbers on diverse authors and intersectional diversity. I know I’m terrible with international authors, but it’s really difficult to focus on all three. My challenges haven’t been going as well as I’d like, though I think that’s due to my low reading count for the year.

Blog Things

Looking Back


Other Posts:

Looking Ahead

I know I won’t get to all of these, but I want to spend some of my time in December focusing on great books that I missed this year or books by authors I love that I never got around to reading.

Other Things

Listening To

I started going back to the gym, so Prince is back on repeat. I’ve had little interest in discovering anything new music-wise. My brain can only deal with so much at once. Between the house, my reading slumps, and a super busy work year, I just don’t have the energy for it. I’ll just keep running to the same old stuff.


Ben and I are still making our way through Brooklyn Nine-Nine. We just got to Season 3. I love that show! We binge watched Season 2 of Stranger Things, as well. I just finished up the latest season of Dancing with the Stars. I was so happy to see Jordan win! I just love him!

Until next time, happy reading!

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