Coming Soon: August 2017

You know, this is the first year that I haven’t been super excited about the Fall releases. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a little behind on the releases and series or if it’s because all the books I was looking forward to came out earlier this year. Don’t get me wrong. There are still some awesome books coming out, but I feel like I left ALA Midwinter with TONS of books and there aren’t all that many that I’m really excited about this Fall.

I’ve reformatted the post a bit so that the books are listed by release date. This will definitely help me keep up with when these books are released and maybe anyone who wants to get one of these books will know when to look for it. Here are my anticipated releases for August.

August 1

Miles Morales | When I Am Through With You | We Now Return to Regular Life

I have an ARC of Miles Morales so I’m hoping I can read that on Saturday while I have some time to myself. I’ve been looking for action books and survival stories for my library collection and came across this new Stephenie Kuehn book. I saw her at a conference once, and I’m definitely willing to try anything she writes. The Martin Wilson book just intrigued me.

August 8

Little & Lion | Emma in the Night

I’ve heard such great things about Little & Lion. I brought an ARC home of that, as well. I still haven’t gotten to it, but I think I might try to read that next Friday. It will be my last day off before starting back to school, full-time. Why not celebrate with a book? I’m also trying to read more thrillers (mostly for gym audio purposes). I’m not sure if it’s the cover or the premise, but Emma in the Night caught my attention.

August 15

Slam! vol. 1

I can’t turn down a comic about roller derby, especially from Boom! Box.

August 22

The Arsonist | Dress Codes in Small Towns

I loved Stephanie Oakes last book, so I definitely want to make time for her new book. I came across Dress Codes in Small Towns while I was browsing Summer publisher catalogs and it sounds like such a Laura book.

August 29

Wonder Woman: Warbringer

Okay. I’m so on board for the whole comic book hero prose book. This is obviously a trend right now. I got excited when looking this one up because it looks like Sarah J. Maas is going to write the Catwoman book. And Marie Lu is writing the Batman book! And Matt de la Pena is writing the Superman book! Could they have found better people for this?

Happy Reading!

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