Manga Mondays: Hana-Kimi, Volume 9 by Hisaya Nakajo


Hana-Kimi, Volume 9

by Hisaya Nakajo

Falsely accused of using a cheat sheet during an exam, Nakatsu must confess to a crime he didn’t commit or be kicked off the soccer team forever! As the power-mad teacher Kitahama extends his iron rule over the entire student body, can anyone save the Osaka High students? Then, suave photographer Akira Hara sets his sights on his new models…Mizuki her friends!

This review may contain spoilers of previous volumes in the series

Mr. Kitahama continues plaguing the Osaka students with ridiculous rules, but Nakatsu is getting the worst of it when Kitahama tells him he can’t compete in the soccer championship if he doesn’t admit he was cheating. Mizuki tries to help him, but Nakatsu is playing it tough. Sano is the one who learns what’s going on with Kitahama and why he’s trying to make Nakatsu an example. Mizuki and the gang find themselves ushered into a photo shoot by Hara. Not sure where that part of the story is going. Sano is worried that Hara will discover Mizuki is a girl, so maybe it will be something like that.

This volume was okay. I enjoy volumes that involve more between Mizuki and Sano. I like romance in manga, so I always miss it when there’s no real development between them. I’ve also been hoping that Nakatsu will find someone lately, someone he really likes.

I’m ready for the next volume to see what’s up with Hara and the whole modeling thing. I’m also hoping for more between Sano and Mizuki. 


VIZ Media, 2005
Paperback, $9.99
IBSN 9781421501383

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  1. I’ve been meaning to read Hana Kimi for a long time. It’s one of the manga series that I’ve heard great things about. Thanks for the review!

    1. I’ve had to take breaks and read some other mangas in between. I’m not usually like that with a series, but this one hasn’t kept my attention as well.