My Top Ten Inspirational Characters

I wasn’t sure which past topic I wanted to do so I went to and let it choose for me. It chose 31, which is inspirational characters! These will probably be from more recent books I’ve read with a few thrown in from my all time favorites. These are in no particular order.

Warning: There are spoilers!

1. Dylan (First Comes Love) – I think Dylan is a good choice because she inspires Gray to better himself and really live his life. Dylan loves life and its possibilities and she has this infectious desire to see the world. She tries to be positive and find beauty in everything. I think that’s a very inspiring mindset.

2. Liz (Hand Me Down) – Liz does what she has to do (or thinks she has to do) to protect her sister. She has to grow up too fast, which is sad. I think she’s inspiring though because she’s more worried about her sister and protecting her than anything else. She tries not to let people push her around and she doesn’t put up with crap from her worthless parents.

3. Jane Eyre (Jane Eyre, obviously) – Jane is probably one of the most inspirational characters in literature. Even as a child she has a passionate nature and a good sense of right and wrong. She holds to her values and morals. She doesn’t let Mr. Rochester talk her into living with him because she knows she couldn’t live with herself if she turned her back on her morals like that. She doesn’t allow St. John to preach her into marrying him and being a missionary. She always stands firm when it comes to her beliefs and her feelings. She is the reason that this book is so amazing.

4. Paul (Angel) – He isn’t perfect, but he knows that. He does his best not to judge people and that’s one of the reasons he gets close to Ian in the first place. He opens his heart up to new possibilities and shows love and tenderness to someone who’s had little of it in his life. He inspires Ian to turn his life around and become closer to God, something Ian never thought possible before he met Paul.

5. Jackson (Tempest) – I’ll admit that in the beginning Jackson doesn’t make the best decisions, but he grows a lot throughout the book. In the end, he makes an enormous sacrifice just to save someone he loves. What’s more inspirational than that?

6. Samwise Gamgee (Lord of the Rings Trilogy) – Sam is definitely one of the most inspiration characters I’ve ever come across. He stays by Frodo’s side through everything and ultimately saves him from death, in turn saving Middle Earth from destruction.

7. Harry Potter (Harry Potter series, of course) – Harry might have plenty of help from Ron and Hermoine, but a huge part of what makes him inspirational is his spirit. He doesn’t give up and he doesn’t stand by and watch others hurt. He had such a great sense of what is right. Even in his moment of surrender, it is only to save those he loves. When it seems like hope is totally lost, Harry continually finds some way to make it through.

8. Aslan (The Chronicles of Narnia) – what could be more inspiration than a Christ figure. Even if you’re not religious, it’s hard not to appreciate Aslan and the hope he brings to Narnia. He’s a mysterious creature though. He lets the Narnians solve their own problems until he is absolutely needed. Then, he steps in and brings with him hope and light.

9. Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games) – I know some people don’t like Katniss because they think she’s unfeeling. While, I think Katniss has a very hard exterior, I also think it would be impossible not develop that kind of protection if you were in her situation. When it comes down to it, Katniss doesn’t take shit… from anyone. If she weren’t the way she is, she never would have survived in the first place. I think she could have been worse. She could have been like Gale, so hard and cold there’s almost no compassion left, but she saw that if she let things continue down the track they were on that the rebels would end up being a carbon copy of the Capitol.

10. Marianne Engel (The Gargoyle) – She has been one od my favorite characters since I first read The Gargoyle. Marianne may be a little unhinged, but she is full of pure love. She doesn’t care who the burned man has been or what he looks like, she loves him unconditionally. The love she displays for him is what makes the book so epic.