Queens of Geek

Queens of GeekQueens of Geek
by Jen Wilde
Published 2017 by Swoon Reads
262 pages. Paperback
Source: Library
Genres: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary Fiction, Young Adult
Reading Challenges: 2018 Library Love Challenge

Must Read!

Charlie and Taylor are best friends that couldn’t be more different. Charlie is vlogger-turned-actress who’s going to a convention in the U.S. to make some panel appearances and get over her ex-boyfriend and co-star. Turns out one of her online crushes is also appearing at the con. Taylor normally likes to blend in, but she decides to come along to the con to meet her favorite fantasy author and to try breaking out of her shell a bit and maybe tell her friend, Jamie, that she’s into him.

Librarian Considerations

Language: PG – I don’t remember much language but there may be a few words.
Sex: PG-13 – Sex is discussed and two characters spend the night together but there are no details on what happens.
Violence: NA – No violence that I remember.
Drugs & Alcohol: G – I think there might be a mention of wine, but no one partakes.
Purchase Recommendation: Essential – intersectionality is hard to come by so make sure you add this one to your collection.

My Thoughts

THIS BOOK! It was exactly what I needed. I just needed cute and queer and diverse and this is all of that. I’m probably going to get gushy, but this is the kind of book it’s worth getting gushy over. I loved Charlie; she’s so plucky. She’s both Chinese-Australian and bisexual and I think Wilde explores that intersection very well. I really enjoyed reading Taylor’s point of view because this might be the first book I’ve read with a neurodivergent main character. She has Aspergers and deals with anxiety and panick attacks in situations with large crowds and pressure. I loved her slow-blossoming romance with Jamie and how much he respects her needs. They were so cute! I really loved the exploration of body image, self love, and being your authentic self. This book just felt like it had all the things. I have so many students who would love this book so I immediately bought a copy for my library.


Queens of Geek is feminist, diverse, and adorable.

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