Summer of Series!

I mentioned my Summer of Series in my monthly wrap-up post and picked some of the books I would start off with during July. I needed to go through my Goodreads a bit more before I knew exactly what I would try to get to.

Before I get to the books, here’s a quick note on my weird reading habits. I’m weird about book series. I have a tendency to read the first book just to decide if I like a series. If I decide I like it, I put the next book in the series on my TBR and then wait for them all to release. Once the last one is out, I go back to reread the first book and then read through the rest of the series. It’s a way to keep from having to wait ever year for the next book to come out. Also, for a while there it seemed like my reading life was determined by series releases. This gives me a little more choice in when to jump into a series.

So here are some lists of books I’ll be choosing from between now and the end of September to finish up series I like and possibly start some new ones.

Series I Want to Finish

Mortal Instruments

I actually only need to read the last two to finish, but I want to reread all the others before I do that because I don’t remember a lot of stuff. I reread the first book a couple of years ago and I remember enough from that book to start my reread with the second book this time around. Watching Shadowhunters has really piqued my interest in this series again.


I’ve read the first two in this series. Sabriel is one of my favorite fantasy books ever. I’d love to finish the series (or catch up because I’m not sure if it’s finished).

Archie Sheridan & Gretchen Lowell

I read the first book in this series years ago and then recommended it to Jennifer, who devoured the whole series immediately. She’s been bugging me to finish it for a while. I read the second one sometime within the past couple of years, but I think I’m going to try to work through the rest of the series as my gym audiobooks.

Lunar Chronicles

I really loved Cinder when I read it last year, so I’d love to work on finishing the series. One of my students told me that Scarlet is her favorite so I’m excited to read it.

Throne of Glass

This is the series that ignited the idea of waiting for a series to finish. When I finished the first book, I was so excited about this series. Then, I saw that is was going to be six books long. I just… didn’t want to spend six years anticipating books. Instead, I decided to wait. The last books is FINALLY coming out in September so this might be a good time to read the rest of this series.

Series I Want to Start

The Selection

Jennifer has been bugging me to read this series for years. My students also love this series, so I’m going to check them out from the library this week and start the series during the #24in48 readathon. I hope they live up to all the hype!

The Wrath & the Dawn Duology

The first book in this series is one of our summer reading selections this year. It was one of the more popular purchases during book sales and almost all of the school copies were checked out, so I’d like to be able to talk with students about them.

Dublin Murder Squad

I’ve heard such great things about this series and I’ve been looking for new thriller and suspense books to put on my TBR list for the gym. I might even have to make myself a new tbr shelf on Goodreads for that.

Comics Catch Up


It’s been quite a while since I read the first trade, so I’m going to reread that and then catch up with the rest. This is such a great comic, so I’m excited to get back to it.

Giant Days

I’m actually not to far behind on Giant Days. I just need to read the most recent trade and the issues that will be in the upcoming trade. I usually read this one in issues and it’s fine since it’s so episodic. I’m excited the collected edition is coming out, though. I’m going to buy that for my bookshelf.


I’m not too far behind on Lumberjanes either. I just need to read the issues that will be in the next trade and whatever issues have come out since then. The trades are about a year behind now, so there should be plenty more issues left after the ones in this trade.

Bitch Planet

I think I’ll reread the first trade of Bitch Planet and then catch up with the second trade.


I’ve let myself get so behind on Saga. Since the new collected edition came out, I’m going to buy that so it can look pretty next to my other collected edition and I’ll reread the issues from trades four and five, read six, and catch up with seven. If the seventh trade is out, my library probably has it.


Deadly Class

I got this lovely collected edition of this from the Image booth on the last day of ALA Midwinter, so I’m excited to reread the first trade and read the second two. The sixth trade comes out in October, so I’ll probably just wait for the next collected edition to read more unless I get really into it.


I don’t read much manga anymore, but I freaking love this series. It’s so good. I couldn’t find volume five for a while, but I’ve collected them all now. I should really finish this series.

Romance Series to Finish

I’m not going to go into too much on these since I probably won’t write about many of them here. But I will be working through a few romance series since romance is such a staple of my reading. I have several unfinished series and one that I really want to start. If you’re interested, you can read about them on Goodreads.

Alex Kennedy

The Scandalous Women of the Ton

The WILD Boys of Special Forces


That’s all for my summer of series plans. That’s… a lot of books. I probably won’t get to all of them, but these are the ones on the top of my list to work through. There are so many more, but they can wait until next year. Happy summer reading!

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