ALL THE THINGS: August 2017

Well, school started. You can tell by the small number of books I’ve read. It’s kind of sad but I’ve been training student aides and my new professional aide. My mental energy has just been completely gone every day. I did manage to start getting a little comics reading in though.

Book Things

Books Read: 3

It was a rough reading month. I’ve had this problem the past three years. It always takes me a month or so to get back into my reading groove when school starts. I think I may have figured it out, though. I downloaded several audiobooks to listen to when I don’t have the mental energy to read. I’m also spending the half hour I have to myself before Ben gets home to catch up on comics or read a chapter from my professional books (depending on my mood). I’ve been saving my print and digital books for weekend reading. It’s been working out pretty well the past week or so. 

Reading Goals:

Diverse authors: 2/3
International Authors: 0/3
Intersectional diversity: 1/3

Reading Challenges:
Classics Club: 0/3
New Release Challenge: 2/3
Read Harder Challenge: 0/3

Favorites Books

I just love everything by Adam Silvera. He explores things in such interesting ways. His new book started a bit slow, but ended up really grabbing me. I Am Alfonso Jones is so powerful and sad and packed full of interesting thoughts and ideas. It’s one of the most moving graphic novels I’ve ever read. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

This Year So Far

Books Read: 47
Goodreads Challenge: 47/100 (47%)

Reading Goals:
Diverse authors: 38% (Goal: 33%)
International Authors: 23% (Goal: 25%)
Intersectional diversity: 23% (Goal: 10%)

Reading Challenges:
Classics Club: 0% (Goal: 12%)
New Release Challenge: 19% (Goal: 24%)
Read Harder Challenge: 19% (Goal: 24%)

I should probably start paying attention to the goals again since I’m back in a reading groove. I’m still hoping I can use catching up on comics to get to 100 before the end of the year. We’ll see. I’m pretty far behind at this point. I’m really going to have to buckle down on new releases and the read harder challenge. I think I can just let go of the classics club at this point. One day I’ll read classics again. The classics club is just such a huge commitment. I think I might try challenging myself to read four or five classics a year instead of making some huge list I end up wanting to change every year.

Blog Things

Looking Back


Other Posts:

Looking Ahead

I have a few different areas of focus for the next couple of months. I’m going to try to knock out my New Releases challenge by checking out some upcoming releases this Fall and going back to read some of the releases I missed earlier this year. I’m also going to pick out some things to help me finish up my Read Harder challenge. I already have four that will work for it that I’d like to read. My biggest focus right now is getting in a good comics-reading mode when I get home from work so I can catch up on things I’ve been neglecting and hopefully hit my 100 books goal.

I just finished all the current Descender trades so I think it’s time to break out my Deadly Class book and finally buy myself the second book of Saga. I also have That Inevitable Victorian Thing and Ghost in my queue as my next read and audiobook.

Listening To

My Prince obsession was still going strong last month. I think I’ve finally broken through a bit. I’ve at least started listening to other things besides Prince.


We just finished the 6th season of Bob’s Burgers and we’re watching the 7th now. We also watched Defenders, which was fine. I hate Iron Fist so much, but Matt Murdoch made it worth it enough for me to finish. Also, Jessica Jones’s anti social behavior is my favorite thing about all of these shows. Finally watched Everything, Everything. It was adorable. 

Until next time, happy reading!

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