Top Ten Book Turn-Offs

So here are some things I avoid when finding new books to read.

  1. Dystopia – I know this is supposed to be the most popular subgenre right now, but I’m just sick of seeing it everywhere. I’ll usually read through the synopsis to see if it’s anything original, or if people are just obsessed with it, I’ll try it. Usually, though, dystopia gets immediately nixed.
  2. Vampires – I’m kind of amazed that people are still writing about vampires. I guess I should clarify. I’m amazed that people are still writing YA about vampires. I’m over it. That book better be getting some AMAZING reviews for me to put it on my TBR.
  3. Zombies – I have a few things on my TBR, but I’m just not into zombies. I usually just recommend those books to my boyfriend, and move on to something else.
  4. “Summer Books” – If someone is throwing a book out there as a great beach read, I’m just not going to bother. In my experience, my beach reads are drastically different from most people (I like giant fantasy books).
  5. Paranormal Romance – I used to really like paranormal romance. I think I just burned out on it and now I avoid it like the plague… in all age ranges.
  6. Billionaires – And while I’m talking about romance, can we just all agree to stop writing about sexy billionaires? I don’t get it. Anything that I find sexy in a man has absolutely nothing to do with money.
  7. Aliens – I try. I really do, but I just don’t have any interest in aliens whatsoever.
  8. Cheating – I’m a little less adamant about this when it comes to teen books because we all make stupid decisions when we’re teens. When they’re adults? I’ve been never okay with it. If I hear that a book involves someone cheating on their wife or husband, I can’t do it. It just depresses me and makes me hate the characters.
  9. Over-Romanced Books – We all know that I love romance. If I’m reading a romance, I know what I’m getting into. If I’m reading fantasy or dystopia or post-apocalyptic fiction, I’m really not as interested in the romance. I like it if it’s understated and not a part of everything. Let’s be real. If the world might end because of whatever, I’m going to be thinking more about surviving than making out with the hot guy. Unless making out with the hot guy is the only way to survive… or something.
  10. Love Triangles – I say this with only one exception, and that is Will/Tessa/Jem in The Infernal Devices books. The only reason that’s an exception is that she made me love all of them and want all of them to be happy. Too often, it’s very clear who the author intends the MC to end up with and that kind of ruins the love triangle thing. Well, I guess I’ll give an exception to the Wesley/Nora/Soren triangle in The Original Sinners too, because she just did a good job with that.



  1. I have alot of the same ones as you do!! I definitely turn away from Vampires, Love Triangles, and Dystopian. Over-Romanced books too!! I can’t stand when a romantic sub-plot is forced in just because they feel like there HAS to be a romantic interest in the book. NO! Not every moment of everyone’s life is about relationships… esp. in times of severe stress and trauma.

    My TTT

  2. Dystopias made my list too. They are so over-hyped right now that every time I come across one it seems formulaic. I recently read a book that involved cheating and billionaires. In fact, the main character was paid 5 million dollars to leave the first man, which is how she ended up in her love triangle. I was like, “Really? 5 million dollars?” And she took it – no qualms, which really bothered me. Partly because she was able to live frivolously for the rest of the book.