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It was a good, but stressful week. Ben and I were wrapping up a lot of the legal stuff with our home loan, we did our taxes, and we’re starting the packing process. I’m excited to move into our house in a few weeks, but it’s going to be a busy month.

I spent one day of this weekend so sick I didn’t even have the energy to read in bed. It was awful. Sunday, I spent the day refreshing and trying to get myself in order. I know this month is going to be really busy and difficult so I’m trying to prepare myself and make sure I still have some goals, like working out and cooking. After my sick weekend, I also need to try eating a little better. It’s been years since I’ve had an acid reflux flare-up like that, and I’ll take it as a cue to do better. I’m a sucker for junk food, so hopefully I can stay on track.

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I glanced through the YALSA Hub Challenge list to see what books would be good picks for Women’s History Month and decided to read a couple of picture books on the list. My first read was I Dissent, about Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I went ahead and read it the other night. The Underground Railroad totally gripped me this week so I spent most of my reading time listening to that audiobook. I finished it this weekend. It was heavy and I’ll need a little time before I can write about it.

What I’m Reading

I am barely making it through Villette. I think I’ve finally gotten to the part where things will start happening. Classics always take some perseverance in the beginning. I’ve been neglecting The Hate U Give. It’s so good, but I’ve read so many heavy books on racism lately. Hopefully, I can get a little space from those books this week and get back into this one. I started The Trump Survival Guide because I’m getting a little depressed again. I need something that will tell me I can make a difference and tell me how to do that.

What’s Next

I’m not really in a place to start anything right now. I have an audiobook ready to go, but I want to take a break from audiobooks for a few days or perhaps the whole week. When I get ready for it, I’ll be listening to My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me. I may start reading chapters here and there of Wonder Women. I expect it will be easy to pick up and put down for quick reading bursts.

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