What I’m Reading [16]

We have a house! Now, we have a ton of work to do. Hooray for old houses! We’re going to spend the next two weeks preparing the house for move-in and moving all of our things. I might not have much going on in the way of reading or blogging. I can talk about our house projects though.

New Books

Get Your Sh*t Together

What I Read

I finished up my commute audiobook, My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me. I also finally got to read the last two sections of Wonder Women, which was fantastic. That was such an uplifting book. It was nice to read about some rad ladies in history.

What I’m Reading

I’m still working my way through The Trump Survival Guide, though I think I’ll be finished soon. I’ve also moved The Hate U Give to my main audiobook spot. I’m not commuting this week (SPRING BREAK!), so I won’t pick out my second audio until the weekend. I will be doing plenty of work on the house though, so I’ll probably be listening to it. I started Get Your Sh*t Together as soon as I bought it. I love Sarah Knight and I always seem to need her books in my life when I come across them in the book store. For fun, I’m reading an R-rated romance (like, don’t even mention this book to any children or teens), Priest. It’s a comfort reread. I needed something sort of light that I knew I would love.

What’s Next

I’m not totally sure what I want to start next. I need something on the short side, so I’ll start The Truth About Alice or Vigilante as my next fiction book. For nonfiction, I’d like to read another book about an awesome lady. I’m considering Hillary Rodham Clinton or Notorious RBG.

On the Blog

Eep! I’m really busy with house stuff, so I have no clue what the blog will look like. I’d love to get a post up about new releases and a monthly wrap-up. We’ll see.

What I’m Reading is a mashup post I write to participate in three existing book blog memes. It’s just a little easier for me to write one wrap up each week than to split them into three different posts. I guess I’m being a bit lazy. It’s Monday! What are You Reading? is hosted by Book Date and is a blog meme about reviewing what you’ve read and what you plan to read. It also allows bloggers to visit each other and bond of our love of reading. Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tyga’s Reviews is a blog meme for sharing all the books you’ve added to your shelves, including book mail, new purchases, review copies, and library hauls.

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  1. Both Gene Stone and Sarah Knight’s books sound like ones I would like to read. Notorious RBG also sounds intriguing. Thanks for sharing your reads and congrats on your new home!