What I’m Reading [23]

I’m back in my groove. I’m sure it will all get messed up when school starts back, but it’s exciting for now. I’m reading books. I’m blogging. I’m making reading plans I’m excited about. It’s been so long, but it feel great to be back. I also signed up for the #24in48 readathon so I’ll be nerding out for two straight days in a couple of weeks.

New Books

Day of the Duchess

I can never say no to a Sarah MacLean book, so I pre-ordered this for my Kindle app. I did manage to finish the romance I was already reading before I started it though.

What I Read

Tranny | Think of England | The Day of the Duchess

Finally, finished Tranny and tore my way through Think of England. I’ll be writing about them on Wednesday. I’m kind of abandoning my seasonal Quick Picks posts and saving those for themed book lists. Instead, I’m going to try an write about everything I read within the week after I finish it, even if I lump them all into one post. I’ll be writing about The Day of the Duchess in a series review post.

What I’m Reading

Ramona Blue

I started Ramona Blue as one of my GLBT Book Month reads, but I kept getting distracted by romances because last month was all about romance for me. Hopefully, I can devote some time to it today before I get distracted by another romance.

What’s Next

City of Ashes | The Ruin of a Rake | Descender v. 2 | The Cuckoo’s Calling

I’m waiting to finish Ramon Blue before I pick up City of Ashes. I pre-ordered The Ruin of a Rake so it will be delivered to my Kindle app on Tuesday. I’m so excited about it. Descender v. 2 has been sitting on my shelf for a while. It’s about time I catch up on that. I’m going to try listening to suspense and thriller novels at the gym and my hold on The Cuckoo’s Calling just came in on my Libby app. Looks like I’m going to the gym this week!

On the Blog

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This Week

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What I’m Reading is a post I put together that’s all about motivating me to keep reading and updating my blog. I love doing both, but I sometimes let life get in the way. I just needed a little weekly reminder to do things for myself, like reading and blogging. It’s inspired by It’s Monday! What are You Reading? is hosted by Book Date and Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tyga’s Reviews so I sometimes link up on those posts to start conversation with other bloggers.

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