What I’m Reading [44]

It’s been a weird week. We had some snow/ice worries in Alabama and we’re not really equipped to deal with that well since it happens so rarely. That means I had three days off school instead of just one. It only snowed for a few minutes here, but there were some other places around the state that got a nice dusting of snow or some dangerous ice patches. Either way, I was happy to have a couple of days off. It did put some of my plans behind at school and we’re trying to deal with that now.

New Books

I got a book from the library this week. Otherwise, I was really good!

What I Read

I really pumped through my audiobook because I loved it so much. I’m also excited I got to download Herding Cats early and give it a read. I love Sarah Andersen!


What I’m Reading

I was so moody in my reading this week. I couldn’t seem to settle on much, so I kept starting new things so I have a lot going at the same time. These are the few I focused on this week.


What’s Next

I’ve started a place to keep up with which books I need/want to read next in my planner. I have a review copy I need to read in the next week or so and an audiobook I just got from the library that I won’t be able to renew so those are next.


On the Blog

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I’m linking up to Mailbox Monday & It’s Monday this week! Go check them out to find more blogs and books.

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