What I’m Reading [44] + I Am Alfonso Jones

It’s been a weird week. We had some snow/ice worries in Alabama and we’re not really equipped to deal with that well since it happens so rarely. That means I had three days off school instead of just one. It only snowed for a few minutes here, but there were some other places around the state that got a nice dusting of snow or some dangerous ice patches. Either way, I was happy to have a couple of days off. It did put some of my plans behind at school and we’re trying to deal with that now.

New Books

I got a book from the library this week. Otherwise, I was really good!

What I Read

I really pumped through my audiobook because I loved it so much. I’m also excited I got to download Herding Cats early and give it a read. I love Sarah Andersen!


What I’m Reading

I was so moody in my reading this week. I couldn’t seem to settle on much, so I kept starting new things so I have a lot going at the same time. These are the few I focused on this week.


What’s Next

I’ve started a place to keep up with which books I need/want to read next in my planner. I have a review copy I need to read in the next week or so and an audiobook I just got from the library that I won’t be able to renew so those are next.


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Quick Picks

What I’m Reading [44] + I Am Alfonso JonesI Am Alfonso Jones
by Tony Medina
Illustrated by John Jennings, Stacey Robinson
Published 2017 by Tu Books
168 pages. Paperback
Source: Library
Genres: Comics, Graphic Novels, Contemporary Fiction, Young Adult

Since I read this months ago and just recently got a finished copy to skim through again, I decided to write a quick pick for this one. 

Alfonso Jones is out with his girlfriend when he’s shot and killed by a police officer. He finds himself in an alternate version of the subway system among other people who were killed by police violence. From this limbo, Alfonso witnesses the grief and anger surrounding his death.

This graphic novel hits hard, maybe even harder than The Hate U Give, because the violence and anger are plain on the page through the art. It’s heartbreaking and so beautifully done. It’s such a heavy read that I had to read it in several sittings chapter by chapter instead of in one sitting. This book not only confronts the sad problems with policing, they take the time to look at the cop who shot Alfonso. They way the creators deal with the complexities of this issue is spot on. The art is amazing. I can’t recommend this book enough. It’s required reading.

Award Winner! I Am Alfonso Jones won the following honor: Great Graphic Novels for Teen Top Ten Selection (2018).

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